My SoClear®

At last, a truly custom contact lens made especially for you! The result is a comfortable lens that gives crisp vision and maintains occular health due to the use of Boston XO2® material by B&L.

How do SoClear Contact lenses become "MySoClear?"
Custom SoClear lenses mean they are made especially for your eyes - just as custom orthodics provide stability and performance for each individual wearer. Your doctor will fit SoClear lenses to the unique shape of your eyes.

What Should I expect at a SoClear lens Custom Fitting?
Your doctor will take precise measuments of your eye through the use of "Trial Lenses". This is key to the process of getting a lens that is custom to your eyes.

Once the best fitting lens is found to fit your eye, your doctor will add your prescription.

The lens is then manufactured precisely to your parameters as provided by your doctor.

The fit of the final lens will be assessed through a re-visit. If minor changes need to be made, a reorder is placed and you will be re-fit with your SoClear lenses.

Once you have the optimal fit, your lenses are often fit for life and all the doctor needs to do in the future is make modifications in the power of the lens.